31 days of freedom 

I have just read the most awful article on Sober For October. It was so shit, I’m not promoting it by telling you what is it but it riled me so much, I thought I’d write my own.

Some people think a month off the booze is a gimmick. I’m guessing those people have never tried it. Yes, there’s an element of truth that a month off might not change the world but it’s a start right? 

Personally, I believe that, if you get to the stage you feel like you need a month off, there is some kind of issue, however small. But does it really matter why? YOU want to do it and that’s the most important thing. 

I must admit that I was a Dry Januaryer (is that even a word?), mainly because I was horrendously drunk for the whole of December & thought I was doing myself some good by abstaining in January. But I also made sure I got hammered in style on 1 February. False economy? Perhaps.

I believe a month off the booze is not just about a month off the booze. It is about rejuvenating yourself, thinking about how & why you drink, seeing things clearer, enjoying life without a hangover. It’s like a taster session of Soberdom, a glimpse into how life could be. 

A month off is hard. Your body & your brain are at war. Your body wants its fix, your brain has other ideas. You will be emotional, moody, tired .. but you will also be proud, clear thinking & sober. 

I am proud of anyone who tries to change their drinking habits. I know how difficult it is but I also know that it’s far better on the other side. Whether you give up for just this month or for longer, you are a warrior winning the battle against yourself. Let people have their opinions. They don’t matter, you do. 


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