Could it be magic?

Marketing. It's big business. Every minute of every day, someone somewhere is trying to sell us something. Whether it's a face cream to make us young again or a liquid potion that promises to makes us thin, we love it, always willing to give it a go, to splash the cash for a miracle.

Just imagine there was a product on the market that was guaranteed to make you live longer. Would you want to try it? It was promising to reduce your living costs considerably, to rejuvenate not just your skin but your entire body and your quality of life would improve drastically. Would you give it a go?

When you used the product, you became a much better person, stronger and happier, and people around you marvelled at the person you had become. It made you sleep properly and make better food choices. Your productivity in daily life increased massively and you were happy again. Would you try it for a trial period? 

What if I told you that this product was already out there but not being marketed to the same extent as the poison that destroys it. That the poison makes far more money than the actual miracle product itself. 

What if I told you the product was sobriety.

I wish I'd known many years ago how great sober life is. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret all those awesomely crazy moments I had but I do wish I spent less money on poisoning myself, on making myself fat and unhealthy. 

Over the years, I've spent thousands of pounds on alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy food. Those marketing gurus certainly got their money's worth out of me. It was a viscious cycle of eat, binge drink, smoke, repeat. I then spent thousands combatting the badness on exercise classes, Fat Clubs and hangover cures. What a waste (rolls eyes). 

I wish there had been more marketing telling me about the other side, of what life could be like if I wasn't making myself sick. But would I have listened? It's just not cool (yet) to promote healthy living without a Prosecco in hand is it? 

I don't believe in regretting the past. I can't change it and for the most part, it's been great. I'm glad I've cracked the code for the future, that I've removed the one component that was affected everything in my daily life. I will continue to promote sobriety as it really is the best product on the market and hope that one day, it will be promoted more publicly than the alcohol itself.


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