FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Us Brits. We like to reward ourselves. Everything we do is because we deserve it. Whether it's buying those shoes or eating that takeaway or drinking that drink.  We drink to celebrate, to commiserate, because we're going on holiday, when we're on holiday because we're on holiday, because it's Friday, because it's the weekend.

I have recently joined several online alcohol free support groups. The absolute worst time of the week for most people is Saturday night. This includes the build up to Saturday night, the actual Saturday night and the aftermath. Isn't it interesting that the one night of the week we should really be nurturing ourselves after a busy week, by feeding ourselves good healthy food and getting plenty of nourishing sleep, is the one night that historically, people get bladdered, eat crap, smoke, sleep badly and then spend Sunday dying? Why do we think we are rewarding ourselves by putting utter crap into our bodies??!

Drinking alcohol is so habitual. Even if you don't fancy a drink, you'll still have one 'because it's Saturday night'. Everyone has a drink on Saturday night right? And then another. And another. No one ever has just the one glass because it's Saturday because hey, tomorrow is Sunday, the day of rest and dehydration.

I must admit that Saturday night is the worst night of the week for me too as I do feel like I missing out. I know however, that it is just a matter of time before my habit is broken and Saturday night becomes about much more than just getting plastered. I am also questioning what exactly I missing out on? Calories, chemicals, late nights, poor sleep, spending money on drinks I won't remember? Oh, and the Godawful hangover. Slowly, as the alcohol fog depletes, I am realising that I am not actually missing any of those things and am instead enjoying my new life without them.

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