From Bangkok with Love

The Soberfish has landed! And has a bed! And WIFI! And survived 2 planes, 3 airports, 1 security check from hell, 1 baggage claim from hell & 1 taxi ride like no other! I have no idea what the time is. Well I do but my body is all over the place. I can’t imagine doing this type of travel with alcohol in the mix. It will be interesting to see what the jet lag will be like as my last long haultrip, pre Soberdom, was to Vegas & the tiredness was pretty horrendous. I’m praying for a miracle this time. The flight from London to Mumbai was pretty good. As I’m tight and refuse to pay any extra for the seat I’d already paid enough for, I checked in for free within the last 12 hours before take off & by some small miracle (even though I obviously saw the seating plan), bagged a seat with an exit directly behind it so had no annoying person kicking me for 8 hours. Result! The people next to me were fairly calm & normal .. the people in front of me were not so calm & normal. There were severe ‘chair wars’ for the first few hours .. the guy next to me battling back and forth with the bolshy teenager in front. Luckily I escaped the agro, even when she moved to the seat in front of me. I swear it was my PMA (positive mental attitude) that did it .. or maybe it was just because she finally fell asleep. Mid flight however, I had a massive wave of anxiety .. it literally overtook my rational mind .. ‘what the ACTUAL f**k was I doing?’, ‘what if I miss my connecting flight?’, ‘what if I get lost?’, ‘what if my bag doesn’t get there?’. Jesus. #overthinkersanonymous anyone? I literally had to ride it out, patiently telling myself ‘it’ll be fine’ and ‘it’s a bit bloody late to start freaking out now’. Like most unwelcome thoughts, it passed and was replaced by excitement again. A pure emotional rollercoaster!! My anxiety reminded me of alcohol cravings. It arrived out of nowhere .. unnecessary, irritating, fierce. It’s quite interesting that if you remove any options ... in my case, to escape and run .. and HAVE to deal with it, it will eventually go away. It’s all about confronting how you feel head on & battling it out. Ahhhh the power of the mind. Soberfish 1 Brain 0 ✅ In other news, the J Pillow is the best £19.95 I’ve ever spent. And I had an aisle seat! It’s like your own personal portable shoulder without protruding bone. Who needs a man?!! I urge you to get one, even if it does look a bit phallic. For extra kudos, you could even pair it with a Love Honey blindfold like I did ... now that’s what you call cougar fashion. The flight landed 45 minutes early in Mumbai which was extremely lucky as the fiasco that was the security area took way longer than the 2 hour stopover. There were hardly any staff so they were multitasking spectacularly badly between check in staff, baggage control and any other jobs that may need a human! It was more Faulty Towers than Faulty Towers. Just what you need with no sleep! And now I am here. The final destination for the next two days. I’m writing this by the roof top pool, surrounded by high buildings and smog. And it’s hot. Gloriously hot. I plan to have a snooze and a shower before going for a wander nearby and grabbing some food. Until later Fish Followers 🐟🐟 #day442 (I think) the adventure has begun
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