Guest Poem - The Darkness

The darkness descends at any given time; without any warning, without sign.

I've survived through what was total hell; only I myself know when I will really be well

I've been through bereavement and also divorce; my life is so terribly full of remorse.

The demons strike at any given time; I don't know how to bear it without my crutch; the wine.

My mental state snapped, it had taken enough.

The wine worked itself through to my soul, taking complete control.

It slowly devoured every part of my day; I didn't know I was drifting away.

Into a world where pain was no more, I could block out the past like locking a door

I'd wallow in pity, sink deeper and deeper until all shapes and forms were of the grim reaper.

It took time, it took effort, so long to get free

It's one day at a time now, living as me.

Angela X

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