Mum’s week - ‘Day 1 or 1 Day .. you decide’

Yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday was also my Day 1 as I embark on a year without alcohol. So how am I feeling about it? Well, of course there are some nerves. I've thought about how I'll make it through Christmas or whether people will still want to hang out with me but I also feel surprisingly exhilarated and excited! I'm looking forward to the amazing health benefits to ease my struggle with auto-immune disorders such as arthritis and psoriasis, to no more wasted ‘scummy mummy’ hangover days and to increased productivity in all that I do. Like many of us, I've always used alcohol as a treat, as a way to relax and an essential ingredient of a good night out. I’m a hard worker with a partner and two daughters and sometimes the need to relax reached supersonic levels! Increasingly, I’ve found myself waking up after drinking a bottle of wine the night before feeling anxious, unwell and disappointed in myself that I'm not being the best mum I know I can be. Our weekends are far more precious since my eldest daughter started school and far too many of them have been spent nursing a horrible hangover. In April, I gave up alcohol for a month and despite being tempted on several occasions, really surprised myself. I noticed an obvious improvement to my mental health, my skin condition cleared up and my productivity was through the roof. Yet despite these benefits, I continued to count the days until I could drink again and in May, retoxed with gusto, causing all my symptoms to return instantly. Two of my friends, including Sober Fish herself, have done so well in knocking booze on the head completely that I was inspired. To be honest, I always thought sobriety was for other people and not for me but curiously I'm now wanting to follow suit. My other friend was a cracking drinking buddy but after becoming the head teacher of a school, decided to stop drinking alcohol for a year. Embarrassingly, I admit I was guilty of trying to tempt her back to having a Prosecco sesh but she stuck to her guns and completed her challenge. She looked great, felt fantastic and is full of tips for me as I start my own journey. There are also a couple more personal reasons for giving up. My sister had an ongoing battle with alcohol abuse and unfortunately lost her life aged just 35, leaving a son behind. My father also died prematurely from alcohol related illness so I am very aware of the negative effects. Although I don’t consider myself an alcoholic, I find it difficult to monitor my intake. I'm also concerned that alcohol issues could be genetic which gives me all the more reason to give up completely. I have an addictive personality so will need something to replace the ‘buzz'. My solution is to get the wallet out for a new gym membership! I know that when I feel fit, I'm far less likely to want to drink (and smoke) so am challenging myself to a new fitness programme to keep me in check. I haven’t read any books yet (did I mention I’m a working mum?!) but will be downloading the Russell Brand audiobook which has been recommended by a few people. I am ridiculously stubborn so I’m hoping this trait will help in my success too. I am looking forward to keeping you updated with my story over the next 365 days. I know the embarrassment of having to tell you all I’ve slipped up will be a great deterrent! Wish me luck! Written by Lou, edited by Sober Fish 2018 CLICK HERE FOR A FREE AUDIBLE TRIAL CLICK HERE TO BUY 'RECOVERY' BY RUSSELL BRAND CLICK HERE TO BUY 'THE SOBER DIARIES' BY CLAIRE POOLEY CLICK HERE TO BUY 'THE UNEXPECTED JOY OF BEING SOBER' BY CATHERINE GRAY
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