Sleep when you're dead?

Tired. I was always tired. Most of the population is tired. Everyone is quick to blame it on work or kids or a late night out but actually, one of the most common reasons for your tiredness is the poison rattling around your body. 

Before Soberdom, I would complain of being tired from Monday to Friday, counting down the days until the weekend. And at the weekend, I slept for England & replenished my system with lots of lovely nutrients & exercise. 

Did I hell?! As soon as work was done, I was on it. Downing copious amounts of poison, thinking it would help me chill & ultimately sleep better. In fact, it did the complete opposite. I'd stay awake late, have a fitful, dehydrated sleep & be awake early with 'the fear'. I'd then be sick & lethargic all day Saturday, eating crap, not moving from the sofa. Sunday would be similar then back to work on Monday feeling like shit. Again.

Now, I wake up rested after about 6/7 hours sleep .. far less than I ever thought I needed. I can't get back to sleep or snooze, no matter how hard I try. I'm awake and that's that. Like a battery, I use my charge through the day, and by 10pm, I'm running on empty, even at the weekend. If I'm tired during the day, it's usually because I'm hungry, because I need fuel. Day time naps are a thing of the past.

In the majority of cases, removing alcohol improves sleep quality & reduces daytime tiredness. You don't hear of many sober people being constantly tired, drained & lethargic. In fact, the energy levels are insane .. it's like being a kid again! 

If you take away the alcohol & reduce the tiredness, you are more likely to want to move more and therefore eat better food. This again will give you more energy and before long, you'll be like the Duracell bunny! 

It can take a while for your body to adjust to being sober and for the sleep to become good quality. Just be patient and it will happen and boy, is it worth waiting for! 


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