Sober Fish Question Time

1) What are your biggest regrets in life to date 

SF - I try to live a life without regrets .. everything happens for a reason, to teach a lesson. The only regret I do have is that I wish Sober Fish had hatched earlier but hey, I got there in the end!

2) What are your biggest fears now facing the future as a sober person/fish

SF - I guess I’ll always worry that I might get tempted back into drinking .. although the longer I stay sober, the easier it is not to be tempted. 

3) What is your new 5 year plan now you have remained sober for a year, dreams plans aspirations?

SF - funnily enough, I was asked recently where I see myself in a year & I realised I’d never really looked too far ahead. Ideally, I’d like to be doing the blog & associated work full time, hopefully be in love & definitely sober. Oh, and have published a book 😁

4) What advice would you give to others setting out on the sober/quitting journey at the early craving stages from your own experience - what helped you? 

SF - when I was younger & started dieting, I found the evenings hard, scratching around for food, so I used to go to bed early. I applied the same principle to drinking. If I was getting fidgety and thinking about drinking,  I’d grab an early night. I would also read or listen to a podcast about other people’s stories .. or I’d write down how I was feeling. 

5) In your opinion do we only need to help people with problematic drinking, or does the world need to be made aware of the dangers of Alcohol and the addictive nature of it.

SF - Alcohol is a poison. It is ruining lives. Heroin isn’t promoted so why is alcohol? I think there needs to be far more education about alcohol but doubt this will happen as there’s too much money in the industry. Instead, it will be up to people like us to spread the word.

6) Do you ever see a future where Sober Fish could moderate Alcohol consumption

SF - never. I can’t moderate anything.

7) What are the top 5 positive things that have changed this past year because of sobriety.

SF -

- losing weight

- walking

- stopped hating myself

- the blog & all the epic people I’ve met

- regained confidence & stopped bloody crying!

8) Have you suffered any anxiety as a result of stopping drinking

SF - yes but more about where I’m headed than anything else .. I was far more anxious when drinking 

9) Do you feel you have missed out on any social occasions this last year because you stopped drinking.

SF - yes but social occasions are temporary. My sobriety is permanent. 

10) Who has been your biggest inspiration to stay on track when the road has seemed dark long and bleak

SF - my lovely followers 

11) Any advice for people who are flirting with the idea of going sober on how to make the commitment 

SF - Just do it .. write a list of positives & negatives .. there will be no doubt it’s the right decision

12) What new things have you learned about Sober Fish now the fog has lifted?

SF - that I’m alright .. that I’m not as overemotional as I believed & was led to believe by others .. that I’m a better person sober .. that late nights are overrated .. that hangovers were a waste of my precious time on this planet .. that I am more of a morning person that I realised .. that I missed shit loads of sunrises whilst I was asleep .. that I can lose weight & keep it off .. 


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