1. Do not glamourise the first drink .. remember the phrase 'one is too many, a thousand is never enough'.

 2. Flood your mind .. read books about giving up alcohol, read blogs, join online support groups, listen to podcasts. Literally drown out the irritating voice telling you alcohol is the answer.

3. Create new habits to replace the old .. try jigsaws, cooking, crochet, colouring, crosswords, writing. Take up a sport, clean, sort out your finances/cupboards/love life. 

4. Sleep is vital .. you are repairing your damaged body .. let it rest, let it repair. Don't feel bad. If you're tired, you're tired for a reason. Go with it.

5. Find a strategy to ride the cravings .. eat chocolate if you have to, find your favourite alcohol free drink & drink lots of it, go for a run, anything that keeps your mind busy & satisfied. 

6. Break time into chunks .. a day at a time .. build to a week .. then a month .. then 3 months. Forever will freak you out in the early stages. Don't freak out. 

7. Reward yourself. You are doing an amazing thing. You deserve treats.

8. Avoid social situations where alcohol is present in the early days. Don't torture yourself! Remember, you're not missing out when you're not drinking .. you ARE missing out when you are. 

9. Find a buddy/accountability partner .. someone who you have an affinity with .. maybe you share a sobriety date or maybe you live in the same town. Stay close  & in touch .. you will spur each other on when you're feeling vulnerable. 

10. Buy a tin from the pound shop. Every time you would've bought a drink, put the money in the tin. You'll be surprised how quickly it mounts up. Save for something special. Visualise how amazing it will feel when you get your treat & enjoy it when you finally do. 

** these are not scientific facts, they are based on my journey & what helped me **

I thank you 


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