When the idea came to me to go sober for a year, I never imagined just how amazing it would be in so many ways. I mean, yeah, it would be great not to have at least 104 hangovers a year (and the rest), and yeah, it would be great to hopefully lose some weight (yes please), and yeah, it would be great to save some money, but I seriously didn't know just HOW much greatness it was going to bring me.

When I started the blog, it was really just my way of documenting how I felt, for me. I really didn't think many people would care about it. I anticipated feeling far more negative than I do and thought it would be interesting to document the highs and lows of soberdom. And maybe encourage a few others along the way.

What has actually happened is, apart from a small wobble on New Years Eve, I have not felt any negativity about what I am doing. I have been encouraged by so many people and I can honestly say it's the best decision I have made in a long time. Probably because it was a sober decision!!

I have received numerous messages from people thanking me for writing about my experiences and making them think about their own drinking habits. I have chatted with strangers and met up with people I wouldn't have done necessarily when I was drinking. I am getting off my arse at lunchtimes and have taken to walking rather than procrastinating at my desk (thanks Anna) and I am taking control of the size of said arse. I can honestly say that I am enjoying going to bed at a reasonable hour EVERY night and I'm particularly happy to have given up the highly addictive pursuit of drunk texting (cheer), despite being an expert at it. I am eating much healthier food than before (as not craving junk after a binge) and have also not smoked a cigarette since the last sip of alcohol passed my lips.

I keep waiting for the doom to commence. For the craving to hit and for the depression to come when I realise that it is unlikely I will drink again. But for now, while the going is good, I'm gonna go with the happiness this journey is bringing me and be thankful it is such a positive experience.

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