The Demise of the Party Animal

I've always been a party animal. I used to like nothing better than getting together with my friends and getting hammered. It wasn't always intentional but was inevitable. I don't know many people that I could meet 'for one' and it would literally be just that. One drink. Generally, it would mean one bottle and inevitably turn into three. And a shot or two. And a gin. Oh, and a glass before I went out. And a nightcap when I got home.

It's interesting how drinking habits have changed and escalated over the years. Booze used to be a rare treat for our parents and was expensive, so buying more than a bottle at a time was unheard of. I know my parents would share a bottle and it would last a week. I'd have a bottle and it would be lucky to last two hours.

It would also appear that the more you drink, the greater your tolerance towards it. This means buying more, which means more expense, more calories and a bigger hangover. In the UK, it has become more than acceptable to drink copious amounts before you actually venture out the door. This culture started in an effort to save pennies however now just results in consuming far more, for far longer. One would have to question whether you actually save money doing this or just buy more when you're out to maintain the high!

One major reason for me stopping drinking, was to get back some precious spare time. I found myself drinking enough on a Friday night to sink a small ship, which would result in a crap nights sleep, which would lead to a sluggish unproductive Saturday, eating carbs. By the time I felt ok on Sunday morning, it was nearly time for work again. This cycle has steadily got worse over time, sometimes creeping towards Monday before feeling better. Now, I sleep better, have more money in my pocket, am eating better, am getting off my arse and have rediscovered my love of writing! What's not to love about being Sober For 2017?!

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