The Great Alcohol Free Drink Debate

Here I am, fresh from the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival held in London yesterday & thought I'd share my views on a few of the hundreds of awesome products that were available to try! Alcohol free (AF) drinks are always controversial. Some swear by them, some get triggered by them, some couldn’t care less about them & some buy them by the truckload. Here's my advice. If they stop you from drinking alcohol, drink them. If they trigger you, don't drink them. It really is as simple as that. You have to do what’s right for you. Everyone is different. Personally, my first love is sparkling water but in the early days, I drank AF wines, Elderflower cordial by the pint & gave AF 'gin' a go. I’ve tried AF beer & enjoyed it, but it’s not my ‘go to’ tipple. Compared to last year, it really was quite incredible to see how many new drinks are on the market, especially the AF ‘gin’ alternatives. It was really interesting speaking to the founders of these new drinks & hearing how they manufacture & market their products. Here's some of my favourites .. why not give them a try? TEETOTAL CUBA LIBRE ALCOHOL FREE RUM & COKE OMG, THIS is a game changer! It was so good to see the lovely Gill again yesterday! We first met at the House Of Commons where she gave me a couple of bottles of her TeeTotal G&T (also amazing) & I promised her I would write about her product. Well, I was naughty & I didn't, so now she's really given me something to write about! If I didn't know Gill & she'd given me this drink in the dark, I would've sworn it was the real thing. It is great chilled, the packaging is awesome and you can buy in multipacks either for yourself or as a gift! Highly recommend! To buy, go to the link below quoting SOBERFISH for a 5% discount Here's a snap of lovely Gill & I having the best time! Can't wait to see you soon! BORRAGO This is a relatively new product to the market & is one of the 'gin' alternatives. It was great to meet the team behind it & they even gave me a complimentary drink which was so very kind of them! It tastes lovely & when made up in a glass with ice & a garnish, feels very grown up and special. Again, you can buy this by clicking the link below and quoting SOBERFISH for a 5% discount- PIMENTO Whilst water may be my first love, this has always been a close second. I LOVE this drink! It's ginger beer with a difference as has a chilli kick to it. Try it, you won't be disappointed! It was also lovely to see Mr Pimento yesterday. Always a pleasure 😜 To buy, click this link below OLD MOUT CIDER BERRIES & CHERRIES Cider. Hmmmm. My memories of cider are not great. If I'm honest, just the word 'cider' reminds me of hanging over a toilet bowl so I didn't hold out much hope. BUT This is actually quite delicious. I like the packaging & I like berries & cherries & I liked that it didn't really taste of cider as I remember it! I think it's a great choice if you're looking for something fruity & grown up & it's not a bad price too. Click the link below to buy & don't forget to quote SOBERFISH for a 5% discount NIXANDKIX Nixandkix were definitely one of my favourites last year so was great to see them again! These drinks are so refreshing with lots of gorgeous flavours including a new blood orange version! Why not visit their site to see the full range? Here's me & Emma having the best time whilst drinking Nixandkix in 2017 😂 missed you SSS X Written by Happy Sober Fish 2018 #day610
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