Tis the season to be ...

I've done it! I've actually survived what I consider to be one of the biggest boozing weekends of the year, totally and utterly stone cold sober! What a great reason to celebrate with .. a large Elderflower Presse!
And how do I feel? I feel happy, clear headed, well rested and ready for the week ahead, with money in my pocket rather than behind the bar at a boozer! Oh, and a teeny weeny bit smug. Just a teeny tiny bit obviously ...

Soberdom is certainly making me evaluate my old drinking habits and realise how much unnecessary booze I was putting away . This exact weekend last year, I sank (probably) most of a bottle of Hendricks, several bottles of wine, enough Expresso Martinis to literally put me off them for life, plus a variety of shots and other delights that I've completely erased from my conscious brain. This year, I'm fizzing full of Elderflower, Ginger and vitamin C.

Soberdom has also made me evaluate how much time drinking takes up. Not only the lost hours from the first sip to the last glug, but the sluggishness the morning after, the inability to do simple tasks, the sketchy, interrupted, pointless sleep that cures nothing. Hangovers are no longer an early morning affair. They last for days, robbing time and energy, leaving nothing but anxiousness in their wake.

Now, my chores are done, I'm sleeping well and for many uninterrupted hours. I feel energised and organised and of course, have found the time to write and share my experience.

Finally, before I reunite with my pillow, a massive thank you to all those who are taking the time to encourage me and support me through this journey. You all rock 💋

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