Why oh why oh why

So, the question on everyone's lips is 'why'?
Why on Earth would you give up wine? Why would you start before New Year? Why would you put that kind of pressure on yourself? Why can't you just cut down? Why a year?

The idea came to me when I saw on article on Facebook a couple of months ago, showing various peoples' faces before and after giving up the poison. The difference was incredible and I thought 'I want to give that a go'. This combined with (at least) 25 years of horrific hangovers, too many later than late nights to mention and probably drinking sufficient funds to purchase a mansion, I thought I'd be kind to myself and give myself a break.

I have done a bit of research .. there are normal people out there, just like me, who've had enough. The recommendation is to abstain for a month, then 3 months, onto 6 months, then on to the year. The consensus seems to be by that stage, that there's no turning back, that you don't revert to your old ways and that the end result is a much happier, healthier you. I guess only time will tell but I'm looking forward to the journey ...

So why set up a blog? Well, I thought it might help me keep on the straight and narrow and share my experiences, good or bad. I also thought it might fill some of the extra hours I will regain not droning on in some poor souls' ear at 3am or lying in bed all day, stuffing my face with carbs. I also want to track weight loss, money saved, hours regained, how relationships change and gauge people's reactions .. some have been priceless so far, but more about that later.

Anyway, I'm 17 days in and feeling positive, even with party season almost upon us. I am determined to do this and hope that you will all support me along the way .. any ideas for soberdom drinkie poos greatly received ❤️

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