‘Worry is a misuse of your imagination’

Worry. We worry about everything. What happens if? What will they think? What if I don’t? What if I do?

Our mindset determines what we are and what we become. I’m a massive believer in the perpetual cycle of doom, where one things goes wrong, we dwell on it which leads to another thing going wrong, we get miserable & the cycle continues. The only thing that can change the cycle is you and how you feel about it. 

Oh I know it isn’t easy to change some things and some feelings and some situations. But you can control your mind. It’s not easy (nothing ever is) but you can if you really want to. 

Why do we actually care so much about what other people think? Do they care what we think? Do they actually care about us? We don’t have the brain capacity to worry about everyone & everything. Concentrate on YOU. Once you’ve sorted YOU out, then worry about everyone else. You’ll be in a much better position to do so. 

We can’t guess how someone else feels. Your decision to look after number one may be something they’ve also wanted to do for a long time but they were too scared to tell you. Don’t be scared to speak up, to stand up for yourself, to do what YOU need to do for your own personal happiness. You may be surprised .. they might want the same as you. 


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